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Nexus Tutorials


New to Nexus? Get a quick rundown on how you can easily automate Q-SYS using Nexus.

Tutorial 1:
Download & Install

How to download the Nexus plug-in and install it into your Q-SYS file.

Tutorial 2:

How to build Macros, which let you easily automate your Q-SYS Core.

Tutorial 3:

​How to make various kinds of Triggers, which cause Macros to Run.

Tutorial 4:

How to make your Macros smart by using custom Variables.

Tutorial 5:
Nested Macros

How to program more efficiently and reliably by nesting Macros inside another Macro.

Tutorial 6:

How to instantly save and recall Nexus settings, all without pushing a new file to the Core.

Tutorial 7:

​How to customize Nexus for your project.

Tutorial 8:

How to purchase and install a Pro license for Nexus.

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