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Channel Library


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A feature-rich plugin to simplify your audio processing.

The best of Snapshots and Channel Groups,

plus a beautiful EQ graph for UCIs.


Simplify Your Design

Replace 100+ individual audio processing components with a single plugin.


With Channel Library, it's easy to control any component of any channel without having to open a ton of windows.

Control one or multiple channels with just a couple clicks!

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CL Overview.png

Share Presets Between Channels 

Store any number of presets and recall them into any channel(s) in the plugin, or even in the entire design. No more saving a “default handheld wireless mic” preset dozens of times!

Edit and save presets with a preview channel, without affecting live audio. Recall those presets to live channels only when desired.

EQ for UCIs

UCI-viewable EQ graph with a totally customizable look. Touch-friendly controls. Includes HPF and LPF.

CL EQ.png
CL signal chain.png

Customizable Signal Chain

Tailor your signal chain to your needs. Channel Library includes all the most common audio components: Gain, Parametric EQ, High-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, Compressor, Limiter, Gate, and more.


Channel Library also has default options for typical Input (mic) and Output (speaker) signal chains.

Better Than Snapshots

Channel Library is way more flexible than Snapshots. Have you ever maxed out the number of Snapshots, and had to take the Core offline to edit the Properties? Or wanted to give your Snapshots names? Channel Library lets you create, name, edit, and delete presets without ever taking your Core offline. You can also share presets between channels.

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CL Link Groups.png

Better Than Channel Groups

Channel Library is way more controllable than Channel Groups. Channel Groups aren’t Snapshot-able so you can’t have presets. Also, Channel Groups can’t be easily controlled by external control platforms. Channel Library makes both of those a breeze.

Channel Library also includes Link Groups, which keeps multiple channels in sync with each other.

Use Cases

Corporate Boardroom
Mic Processing

In a boardroom, the people can change seats from meeting to meeting. With Channel Library, you can save a person's preset with gain, EQ, and compressor.


Each preset is stored with a name, so it's easy to recall for the next meeting, regardless of where they're sitting.

If you used Snapshots for this, you would have to save an individual snapshot for each person in each seat, and then remember which Snapshot number is which person. What a pain!

Entertainment Show
Actor Presets

With Channel Library, you can save a preset for each actor, and recall it to any channel, regardless matter which role they're playing that day.


Channel Library's presets have names instead of numbers, so it's easy to manage your presets. If you need many "Hat" EQs, just save another preset with a new name.

If one actor has two mics, use Channel Library's Link Groups to keep in sync just the parameters you'd like those mics to share.

Running your show from a show control engine like Nexus? Channel Library preset recalls can be controlled from anywhere inside or outside Q-SYS!

TV & Music Distribution
Ingest Processing

If you ingest numerous music and television channels, you know how widely varied their audio content can be.

Using Channel Library's Link Groups, you can easily share some settings between channels (e.g. Automatic Gain Compensation), while leaving other processing unique to each individual channel (e.g. Input Gain, EQ, Compressor).

Sports Arena
Speaker Tuning

Managing speaker tuning can be a headache, especially in a large venue like an arena or stadium with countless back-of-house speaker zones.

It's easy to share processing presets between multiple instances of Channel Library, so you can keep your design clean.

There's always that one oddly-placed speaker that needs some unique settings. If you use Custom Voicing components, you'd have to take your design offline, add the new voicing, assign the channel, etc. It's a slow process.

But with Channel Library, you can adjust just that channel, save a new preset and be DONE.

License Levels 

Use up to 4 Channels and up to Link Groups in the Free version of Channel Library – no strings attached!

Need to go big? Upgrade to Pro, from $199

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