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A plugin that brings Macros to Q-SYS.


Intuitive. Powerful. Reliable. Fast.


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Nexus macros for qsys.png

Macros for Q-SYS

Easily create timed sequences of Actions. Nexus has an extensive library of Actions, each asking for just the info it needs to get the job done.

Move a fader, press a button, send a network message, load & play an audio file in an Audio Player, play a PA message, combine rooms, etc.

Always On

Nexus gives you the flexibility to program while you stay online, without skipping a beat. You can even load a new Nexus database without ever pushing a Core file or reloading a script! That's perfect for having multiple configurations that you want to rapidly compare.

Nexus always on.png
Nexus no lua needed.png

No Lua Needed

Anyone can use Nexus. No Lua scripting experience required at all! Nexus asks for all the information it needs, and shows you when something needs fixing. It’s even easier than Block Controller, but still more powerful than Timeline.

Conditional Love

Want to play special music during the holidays? Need to have a physical enable button for a Macro? Use Conditions to enable Macros and/or Actions based on the state of Variables. You can set Variables manually, or use a Macro to set their value.

Nexus conditional.png
Nexus trigger happy.png

Trigger Happy

There are lots of ways to trigger Macros. Press a button, watch a control inside of Q-SYS, follow timecode, receive a network message, and more!

Cue Lists

Easily order your Macros into a repeatable show. Have a few different versions of a show? Macros can be shared between Cue Lists so that you don’t have to duplicate your work.

Nexus cue lists.png
Nexus power to the user.png

Power to the User

Give your end users programming ability, simply by exposing some of Nexus on a UCI. For example, copy the Clock Trigger controls to a UCI to let the user control what times of day to fire Macros.

License Levels 

Use up to 3 Macros and up to 3 of each type of Trigger in the

full-featured Free version of Nexus – no strings attached!

Need to go big? Upgrade to Pro, from $399

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