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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Nexus do?

Nexus is a plug-in for Q-SYS for controlling your Q-SYS Core. Nexus gives you a simple way to build Macros (i.e. sequences of actions), and then trigger those Macros when/how you want.

What makes Nexus different?

Nexus is always on. All updates to Nexus happen live, without interrupting the Core. When you make a change to Macro/Trigger/etc., you don’t have to push a new file to the Core, or even reload a script.

Nexus also has a huge library of Actions, which allow you to easily program complex tasks. Just choose one, fill in the parameters, and you’re done! Popular Actions include “Set Mixer Crosspoints”, “Send TCP Message”, “Play Message from Virtual Page Station”, and “Set GPIO Output”.

Is it difficult to learn how to use Nexus? Do I need to learn how to code in Lua?

No and no! Nexus is programmed through a friendly UI – no coding is required. Nexus is easier to program than Timeline, it’s more powerful than Block Controller, and it doesn’t require any knowledge of Lua at all.

How do I get started?

Download Nexus, and follow these installation instructions. Here's the short version: Add Nexus to your Q-SYS file, give components custom names, go online, and start building Macros.


Do I have to use a specific version of Q-SYS?

Officially, yes (…but maybe not). Each version of Nexus has been tested with specific versions of Q-SYS. Those are the only officially supported combinations of versions. That said, you may find that an unsupported combination works in your situation. Long story short, if it works for you, that’s great. 

Can I run more than one Nexus in the same Q-SYS file?

Yes. Having multiple Nexus in a single Core can be a cool way to divide up a large project, especially if it has independent parts. Note: Multiple instances of Nexus in a Q-SYS design requires a Pro license.

Does Nexus work with redundant Cores?

Yes. Note: If using the Pro version with redundant Cores, each Core will require a Pro license.

Does Nexus work in Emulation mode?

Yes. Everything about Nexus itself works in Emulation mode. Note: The features of Q-SYS that don’t work in Emulation (e.g. audio playback) still won’t work, of course. If you try to do one of those things, Nexus will report an error in its Log.

Does Nexus require an internet connection?

No. An internet connection is NOT needed for initial setup or for operation.

Does Nexus phone home?

No. The only time Nexus communicates over the network is when you explicitly tell it to send a TCP or UDP message.


Can I program Nexus while Macros are running?

Yes. Currently executing Macros will continue uninterrupted. The updated Actions will run the next time the Macro is triggered.

Can Nexus control other plugins?

Yes. While offline, give the other plugin component a custom name, and it will be controllable from a Nexus Action. After going online, in the Nexus Action, choose the “Set Miscellaneous Control” command, then choose the plugin from the “Component Name” dropdown.

Can Nexus follow timecode?

Definitely. In the Timecode Triggers tab, set up a Macro to watch an LTC Reader component for a specific time. When the LTC Reader shows that time, the Macro will be triggered.

Why doesn’t Nexus have a timecode input?

It’s much more powerful to watch Q-SYS’ built-in LTC Reader component. For example, you can watch multiple LTC Readers simultaneously!

Can Nexus accommodate my wacky situation?

Probably – it’s quite flexible. Email us at and we’ll help you find a solution. Or, download the free version and try for yourself!

Can you add a new Action for me?

Sure! We’re constantly looking to expand the list of available Actions. Please send your request to

Does Nexus work with redundant Cores?

Yes! There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Nexus will not react to any triggers during time while the standby Core is taking over.


Nexus isn't able to run Actions during the switchover time between Core. However, once the standby Core has taken over, Nexus can execute any missed actions and/or restore any upcoming queued actions. This behavior is user-selectable in Nexus Preferences.


Is the Free version really free?

Yes! The Free version is limited only in the quantity of items (e.g. Macros, Actions, Triggers). If it works for your situation, go ahead and use it!

How many Pro licenses do I need?

Nexus is licensed on a per Core basis. For example, let’s say you have two 510i: one as a Core and one as an I/O frame. You only need one Pro license (for the Core).

How are licenses delivered?

We’ll email you the License Key to the email address you give in the order. Please allow up to 1 business day after your order to receive your license.

Does Nexus require a Scripting license?

Yes. Q-SYS requires that a Core must have a Scripting license in order to run plugins, (including Nexus). Note: You can run Nexus in Emulation mode without a Scripting license.

My Core hardware is out for repair and I need a license for the loaner Core. What should I do?

Please contact us at describing your situation and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

How do I upgrade from the Free version to Pro?

It’s super easy – purchase the Pro license from the website, and you’ll receive a License Key via email within 1 business day. While offline with your Q-SYS file, select the Nexus component, and choose Properties > License > Pro. In the ‘License Key’ field, paste in the License Key from the email, and go online. That’s it!

Do I need a new license for Nexus updates?

Nexus follows a Major.Minor.BugFix model for updates.

 - Major: Awesome new features worthy of a big update.
- Minor: New features that are cool and useful.
- BugFix: Stability and usability improvements for existing functionality.


Minor and BugFix updates are free. Major upgrades may have an associated cost for Pro licenses.


How do I buy a Pro license?

All licenses can be purchased through our online store.

Do you offer a subscription to Nexus?

No, Nexus is offered as a one-time purchase only.

What if I need to buy a license now, but I don’t have my core hardware / Locking ID yet?

That’s totally fine – just add a note with your order during checkout. When you do get the Locking ID, email us at with your order number and the Locking ID, and we’ll email you the License Key within 1 business day. 

Do you offer bulk pricing or site licenses?

Yes. Please email us at, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. Before you purchase, please use the Free version to see if Nexus works for your situation. The Free version has all the same features as the Pro version, and is limited only in the quantity of items (e.g. Macros).


Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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