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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Channel Library do?

Channel Library is a plug-in for Q-SYS that gives you a better way to control the audio processing of multiple channels. It's the best features of Snapshots and Channel Groups (plus more) rolled into one easy-to-use plug-in.


Channel Library also has a UCI-viewable EQ graph with a customizable look and touch-friendly controls, including High-Pass and Low-Pass filters.

Can't I just use Snapshots?

Channel Library is way more flexible than Snapshots. Have you ever needed to make just one more Snapshot, and had to take the Core offline to edit the Properties? Or wanted to give your Snapshots names? Channel Library lets you create, name, edit, and delete presets without ever taking your Core offline.


You can also share presets between channels. No more saving a "Default handheld mic" preset dozens of times!

Can't I just use Channel Groups?

Channel Library is way more controllable than Channel Groups. Channel Groups aren't Snapshot-able so you can't have presets. Also, Channel Groups can't be easily controlled by external control platforms. Channel Library makes both of those a breeze.

How do I get started?

Download Channel Library, and follow these installation instructions. Here's the short version: Add Channel Library to your Q-SYS file, add it to your audio signal flow, go online, name the channels, and edit the processing. Read on for more info…


Do I have to use a specific version of Q-SYS?

Officially, yes (…but maybe not). Channel Library has been tested with specific versions of Q-SYS. Those are the only officially supported versions. That said, you may find that an unsupported version works for you.

Can I run more than one Channel Library in the same Q-SYS file?

Yes. Having multiple Channel Library in a single Core can be a cool way to logically divide up many channels, across different schematic pages for example. Note: Multiple instances of Channel Library in a Q-SYS design requires a Pro license.

Does Channel Library work with redundant Cores?

Yes. If using the Pro version with redundant Cores, each Core will require a Pro license.

Does Channel Library work in Emulation mode?

Yes. Everything about Channel Library itself works in Emulation mode. For example, you can save and recall presets, rename channels, adjust settings, etc. Note: The features of Q-SYS that don’t work in Emulation (e.g. audio transport) still won’t work, of course.

Does Channel Library require an internet connection?

No. An internet connection is NOT needed for initial setup or for operation.

Does Channel Library phone home?

Never. Channel Library never establishes a network connection.


Is the Free version really free?

Yes! The Free version is limited only in the quantity of items (e.g. Channels, Link Groups). If it works for your situation, go ahead and use it!

How many Pro licenses do I need?

Channel Library is licensed on a per Core basis. For example, let’s say you have two 510i: one as a Core and one as an I/O frame. You only need one Pro license (for the Core).

How are licenses delivered?

We’ll email you the License Key to the email address you give in the order. Please allow up to 1 business day after your order to receive your license.

Does Channel Library require a Scripting license?

Yes. Q-SYS requires that a Core must have a Scripting license in order to run plugins, (including Channel Library). Note: You can run Channel Library in Emulation mode without a Scripting license.

My Core hardware is out for repair and I need a license for the loaner Core. What should I do?

Please contact us at describing your situation and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

How do I upgrade from the Free version to Pro?

It’s super easy – purchase the Pro license from the website, and you’ll receive a License Key via email within 1 business day. While offline with your Q-SYS file, select the Channel Library component, and choose Properties > License > Pro. In the ‘License Key’ field, paste in the License Key from the email, and go online. That’s it!

Do I need a new license for Channel Library updates?

Channel Library follows a Major.Minor.BugFix model for updates.

 - Major: Awesome new features worthy of a big update.
- Minor: New features that are cool and useful.
- BugFix: Stability and usability improvements for existing functionality.


Minor and BugFix updates are free. Major upgrades may have an associated cost for Pro licenses.


How do I buy a Pro license?

All licenses can be purchased through our online store.

Do you offer a subscription to Channel Library?

No, Channel Library is offered as a one-time purchase only.

What if I need to buy a license now, but I don’t have my core hardware / Locking ID yet?

That’s totally fine – just add a note with your order during checkout. When you do get the Locking ID, email us at with your order number and the Locking ID, and we’ll email you the License Key within 1 business day. 

Do you offer bulk pricing or site licenses?

Yes. Please email us at, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. Before you purchase, please use the Free version to see if Channel Library works for your situation. The Free version has all the same features as the Pro version, and is limited only in the quantity of items (e.g. Channels).


Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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