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Lookback Release Notes


February 28, 2022


  • Added support for Q-SYS v9.3.1.

  • Added an Instance Name for each Nexus, which allows for clearer messages in the Core’s Event Log. Instance Name is configurable in the About tab.

  • Actions

    • Added Action “Run a Macro in Another Nexus”. Use the Instance Name and Macro Name to trigger a Macro inside another Nexus on the same Core.

    • Added Actions “Audio Player: Load Random File from Folder” and “Audio Player: Load Random File from Folder & Play”.

    • Added VCA channels to “Mixer: Set Channel Level” and “Mixer: Set Channel Mute” Actions.

  • Reboot Redundancy

    • Autosaved Databases are now perpetually available, even after a Core reboot.

  • Logging

    • Improved various log messages.

  • Prepared codebase for future updates.


  • Fixed an issue where “Mixer: Set Channel …” Actions would not recognize stereo mixer channels.

  • Fixed an issue where copy/pasting the plugin would show some old information in Database controls.

  • Minor visual bug fixes.


  • v9.3.0 only: If giving an item a duplicate name, Nexus will skip one available unique name and instead give the next available unique name. This is a bug in Q-SYS Designer v9.3.0, and hopefully will be remedied in v9.3.1.

  • Network Triggers: Filter for IP address allows all incoming TCP. (Note: Incoming UDP and replies to outgoing TCP will still be filtered.)


  • 9.3.1

  • 9.3.0

  • 9.2.1

  • 9.2.0

  • 9.1.2

  • 9.0.1

  • 8.4.0

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